Futurama - Episode Guide

Episodes » Season 1
Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
1 101 Space Pilot 3000 March 28, 1999 1ACV01 Links (1)

A pizza delivery boy named Philip J. Fry accidentally stumbles into a cryogenic freezer on December 31, 1999 and awakens on New Year's Eve in the year 2999, where he meets a cyclops career counselor named Leela, an alcoholic robot named Bender, and his future nephew Professor Farnsworth.

2 102 The Series Has Landed April 4, 1999 1ACV02 Links (1)

After delivering a package to an amusement park on the moon, Fry shows Leela how to appreciate the celestial body while Bender and Amy must try to recover the keys to the ship.

3 103 I, Roommate April 6, 1999 1ACV03 Links (2)

Fry gets kicked out of the Planet Express building and tries to find a place to live. When Bender's antenna wreaks havoc on the TV reception, Bender is kicked out of their new apartment and Fry must decide whether or not a place to live is more important than his best friend.

4 104 Love's Labours Lost in Space April 13, 1999 1ACV04 Links (1)

Leela meets Captain Zapp Brannigan on a mission to rescue animals from a hollow planet, depleted of all the dark matter that once filled it, on the verge of collapse, but Brannigan jails the crew for interfering. This episode sees the introduction of Nibbler.

5 105 Fear of a Bot Planet April 20, 1999 1ACV05 Links (1)

Bender delivers a package to a planet inhabited solely by human-hating robots and becomes an idol to them.

6 106 A Fishful of Dollars April 27, 1999 1ACV06 Links (1)

When Fry discovers that he's a billionaire thanks to a thousand years of compound interest (on 93 cents), he uses the money to buy back things from his time. This includes spending millions on a can of anchovies, which are extinct in the year 3000. Mom, head of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, wants the anchovies for very different reasons.

7 107 My Three Suns May 4, 1999 1ACV07 Links (1)

Fry becomes emperor of a planet of water-based beings after he accidentally drinks the former ruler.

8 108 A Big Piece of Garbage May 11, 1999 1ACV08 Links (1)

A 21st-century garbage ball threatens to fall back to Earth and destroy New New York. Fry saves the day with his 20th-century garbage-making skills.

9 109 Hell Is Other Robots May 18, 1999 1ACV09 Links (1)

To break his addiction to electricity, Bender finds religion by becoming a member of the Church of Robotology. But when he reverts to his old ways, he is sent to Robot Hell.

10 110 A Flight to Remember September 26, 1999 1ACV10 Links (1)

The Planet Express crew is sent on board The Titanic on the company vacation. Zapp Brannigan later steers the ship near a black hole.

11 111 Mars University October 3, 1999 1ACV11 Links (1)

Fry goes to college so he can successfully drop out.

12 112 When Aliens Attack November 7, 1999 1ACV12 Links (1)

The Omicronians invade Earth, demanding to see the lost final episode of the 1999 TV show Single Female Lawyer (which was cut off after Fry accidentally spilled soda on the TV broadcast console in 1999). The Planet Express crew must re-enact the episode to appease the invading aliens.

13 113 Fry and the Slurm Factory November 14, 1999 1ACV13 Links (1)

When Fry wins a free tour of the Slurm soda factory, he and his friends split off from the tour group and make a horrifying discovery concerning the secret ingredient that gives Slurm its famous addictiveness.