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Episodes » Season 5
Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
73 501 Bender's Big Score - Movie November 27, 2007 5ACV01-5ACV04 Links (2)

Tv episodes 73-76 (501-504). As Fry learns he has a tattoo of Bender on his buttocks that has universal consequences, nudist alien scammers take over Planet Express and brainwash Bender via a virus to do their bidding. Meanwhile, Leela meets the man of her dreams and Hermes (literally) loses his head during a game of limbo.

77 505 The Beast with a Billion Backs - Movie June 30, 2008 5ACV05-5ACV08 Links (3)

Tv episodes 77-81 (505-508). When a mysterious tear appears in the universe, Professor Farnsworth mounts an expedition to explore whatever lies on the other side. Meanwhile, as Kif and Amy take their relationship to the next level, Fry discovers his new girlfriend may be spreading her love even further than he can handle.

81 509 Bender's Game - Movie November 4, 2008 5ACV09-5ACV12 Links (3)

Tv episodes 81-84 (509-512). Ignoring Professor Farnsworth's orders to conserve fuel due to a rise in dark matter prices, Leela borrows the Planet Express ship to enter in a demolition derby.

85 512 Into the Wild Green Yonder - Movie February 24, 2009 5ACV12-5ACV15 Links (3)

Tv episodes 85-88 (512-515). At the construction site of New Mars Vegas, an accident causes a piece of necklace to lodge in Fry's head, giving him mind-reading abilities. He joins the Legion of Mad Fellows, who are trying to stop evil forces from destroying the gateway to the "green age".